Dear Oak Park Citizens:

What a fascinating piece of propaganda the Park District of Oak Park published in Wednesday Journal regarding its reorganization [OP Parks revamp management structure, Jan. 25]. While the average Oak Park citizen may look at the published diagram and feel as though something may actually be getting done for the future, as a current Park District of Oak Park employee, I would like to tell you what I see.

I see more and more administrative personnel being hired to supervise fewer front-line recreational professionals with less programs being offered to the public.

I see the majority of those being hired to assist those who can’t fulfill their duties to begin with.

I see a lot of white people being hired, not a whole lot of diversity.

I see current administrative personnel receiving new titles and undoubtedly more money when they continually fail at their jobs. A perfect example is the assistant superintendent of revenue facilities. This title has been bestowed upon a gentleman who hasn’t produced revenue at his facility in over five years. The title of assistant superintendent of recreation has been given to a gentleman who has mismanaged the recreation centers, teen programs and youth sports programs for years.

As a matter of fact, the only programs that continually thrive under this man’s supervision are the programs that are outsourced to such groups as La Cross America, White Sox Training or Youth Soccer Camp.

I see programs that in the past grew exponentially given to employees who are not capable of handling such work. Let there be no mistake, Oak Parkers, the sports camp, youth tennis, adult tennis, and adult sports leagues that you have encountered in the past will not be the same. They will now be supervised by people who have in the past run like programs into the ground.

Please understand me. This is not meant to be a bitter attack though it does seem so. It is meant to inform the public of some of the goings on in your park district. It is to inform you of how your tax dollars are really being spent. It’s to inform you of the white, male mindset that is happening at 218 Madison St.

I sure hope the referendum money will truly go to facilities and programs as promised and not to the hiring of anymore unnecessary personnel.

Name withheld upon request

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