We would like to applaud Robert Felton’s March 15 article titled, “Training Landlords – Course teaches property owners to be good landlords.” The four-day certificate course which was held at Lincoln Elementary School was not the only Oak Park connection to this typically Chicago-based workshop. The Oak Park Regional Housing Center worked closely with Jacqueline Jackson, Chicago Investment Corporation facilitator, to co-sponsor and have this training in Oak Park. This session was customized and marketed to Oak Park building owners and managers. The OPRHC marketing director presented “Unique Marketing of Oak Park Apartments,” and Ken Southward, director of the Housing Choice Voucher Program of the Oak Park Housing Authority, discussed the landlord advantages of the program. Another longtime resident of Oak Park, Ted Brzyski, senior loan officer at CIC, presented information about building loan/financing opportunities. This seminar also included information on the Village of Oak Park’s Landlord Tenant Ordinance. The final Oak Park connection is that ironically one of the seminar’s attendees is an alumni of Lincoln Elementary School.

As one of the workshop presenters, I was disappointed to discover that there was no mention of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center in Mr. Felton’s article. We have provided a full range of services to Oak Park property owners, managers, and renters for over 34 years.

We have collaborated on this valuable training for Oak Park building owners and managers for over six years and look forward to offering more sessions as needed, based on demand. To pre-register for the next Property Management Session please call the Housing Center at 708/848-7150 or go to www.liveinOakPark.org.

Michael D. Stewart and Louise Varnes
Co-interim executive directors, Oak Park Regional Housing Center

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