Spring is in the air and, as usual, we feel like banging on things. Last week we managed to bash up the car. This week we plan to turn to less expensive outlets. Matt Meyer is the featured performer at 3rd Saturday Coffeehouse on Saturday night at Unity Temple’s Gale House (660-9376), 124 N. Kenilworth Ave. He’s a percussionist who has studied in Cuba, Ghana and Central America, and he’s promising to let the audience participate in a “world tour of percussion.” We’re going to get there early, because we want dibs on a really big drum. BAM! CRASH!

Saturday morning should be fun, too. It’s time for the Spring Consignment Sale again at Parenthesis Parent Child Center, 405 S. Euclid Ave. (848-2227). This is a great sale, but you have to be in good aerobic shape and wear protective clothing. We’re not allowed to bring strollers to the sale, because the sale area is too congested, but front-worn child carriers are permissible. Here’s the plan: we bring our drum in a baby sling, demurely covered with a pastel-colored blanket. As soon as we gain entry into the sale, we rip off the blanket and wail away on our drum, thus frightening and scattering the other shoppers, so that we may scoop up all the best bargains ourselves. Nyaaah ha-hah!

We’re not going to see the current exhibit at The Art House (386-5261), 43 Harrison St. Titled Better Living Through Chemistry, this show would normally be as honey to a bee to us. It is still Lent, however, and we’re working on deepening our relationship with the natural world. How are we doing so far? Fine, fine. Got anything we can hit?

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