On March 21, River Forest residents will be voting on the District 90 referendum and as a successful Realtor serving this community, I would suggest that a Yes vote is a prudent decision for homeowners interested in preserving the substantial investment they have in their homes.

I can unequivocally say that the high quality of the Dist. 90 schools is an important selling point for homes in River Forest. I’ve sold a significant number of homes in the village and time and time again, potential buyers to the community explain that their reasons for purchasing in River Forest are for the superior, quality schools. Combined with the proximity to the city and the beauty of the community, it’s an unbeatable combination. That’s why River Forest real estate values have risen 63.80 percent since 2001.

Most newcomers to River Forest with school-age children have literally “done their homework” and are rigorous about researching school quality. Student-teacher ratios are studied closely. Without the support of this referendum, River Forest schools will experience dramatic cuts to the very services that draw people to the community and those home buyers could seek other nearby communities with high ranking schools or the North Shore.

More than 40 percent of buyers coming to River Forest consist of young families and the high quality of the schools is absolutely a determining factor in choosing to purchase a home in this community. Dist. 90 has been an excellent steward of tax dollars in the last decade, and the needs are legitimate. By voting Yes for the referendum on March 21, you will be investing wisely in your schools, community and your home.

Tony Iwersen
Gagliardo Realty

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