Make Pedersen 1 of your 3 votes for MWRD
This election season, it seems voters have paid greater than average attention to the race for commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. That’s likely a good thing. The district is responsible for distributing clean water throughout the Chicago region and making certain our water supply is safe. No small task.

I’ve also noted that, as Oak Park voters are known for doing, at least one candidate with an impressive environmental record, excellent qualifications, and a supporter of progressive causes has gained a great deal of support. It’s important that voters know that they have the option to select up to three candidates in the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District race, and it’s important to know that there’s more than one candidate with an impressive environmental record, excellent qualifications, and strong support for progressive issues. Take a look at Barrett Pedersen.

Barrett Pedersen has long supported environmental causes in the region. He serves on the Lower Des Plaines Water Shed Council, protecting one of the most important environmental resources to Oak Park and River Forest, the Des Plaines River. As a village trustee in nearby Franklin Park, Barrett served as Chairman of the Water and Sewer Committee, working directly with the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. He’s also worked hard for progressive Democratic candidates in Leyden Township, advocating for values we feel strongly about here.

We need a strong voice for our environment who is well-qualified to serve as a Commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. We also need a candidate with a track record of standing up for progressive candidates and causes. We have the opportunity to select three candidates for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. I urge you to make sure that one of your three votes goes to Barrett Pedersen.

Robert Baren
Oak Park

Vote for Avila for MWRD
Often, voters tend to focus on high-profile races, forgetting to cast votes in lesser-known races. I am writing to remind voters about the smaller, often overlooked races, such as the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. The Board handles treatment of wastewater and stormwater and has a $1 billion annual budget.

In this race, I am voting for Frank Avila. Frank has been a supporter of good government and protecting city workers, including defending Patrick McDonough, the whistleblower in the “Hired Trucks” scandal, and defending another city worker’s right to free political association. Frank’s great track record in defending the rights of the little guy is the reason he’ll get my vote in the Democratic primary on March 21st.

Michael L. Muslin

Vote for Sen. Lightford and Pedersen for MWRD
I wish to highlight two excellent candidates who are running in the Democratic Primary on March 21. State Senator Kimberly A. Lightford is running for re-election in the 4th District, which covers south Oak Park. Senator Lightford is a champion for the people with her leadership in raising the minimum wage, expanding educational opportunities, especially for preschoolers, and increasing access to health care. She has also been there for Oak Park in helping to resolve the Barrie Park remediation and supporting project improvements like the Maze Library renovation.

There are two candidates running for Metropolitan Water Reclamation District who have excellent environmental records. In addition to Debra Shore, Barrett F. Pedersen is worthy of your vote. Barrett Pedersen has had the hands-on experience in safeguarding our drinking water and watersheds. He served as chairman of Franklin Park’s Water and Sewer Committee and is a member of the Lower Des Plaines Water Shed Council. Barrett Pedersen’s work in implementing storm system improvements and restoring floodplains demonstrates his ability to serve on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District with practical experience as well as environmental passion.

Mark Burger
Oak Park

Voters can pick three MWRD candidates
Although I respect and support Mr. [David] Pope’s endorsements for this upcoming Election Day, his selection for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is short-sighted and narrow.

Although he has chosen a great candidate to endorse, voters are allowed to vote for three candidates on Election Day. There are other great candidates, such as the current President Terry O’Brien or highly likeable Frank Avila.

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District is an often overlooked position, but is important to Cook County residents. On March 21st, I hope Oak Park residents will remember to vote for this underappreciated office and join me in my support of three great candidates.

Keith Powers
Oak Park

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