The majority of the District 97 school board shows great unwillingness to hear what members of the community attending the meetings feel: that teacher cuts should always come AFTER other extracurricular programs have been cut to save funds.

They chose instead the simplest and most cookie-cutter of the options: removing classroom teachers who directly impact children rather than choosing to cut extra programs such as foreign language instruction and cultural enrichment programs.

PTO groups and concerned citizens are permitted to use funds that they raise to support those programs. They are NOT permitted to pay for teachers?#34;only the District can do so, and they chose not to.

I must judge the board by its actions and not its words: the majority of members have shown that they prefer to ignore both teachers and taxpayers and make overly hasty decisions without giving fair weight or consideration to new ideas or data when it is presented to them. It is a shame, and one sure to be remembered by voters next year.

Bronwyn Feller
Oak Park

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