School is more than just classes. To me, a seventh grader, it’s all of the opportunities that we have here in River Forest. These activities include interscholastic sports, music, art, foreign language and ATP classes that make a strong impact on students and families and will be greatly missed if the referendum does not pass. These opportunities are why River Forest schools are so great.

This year as a Roosevelt basketball player, I improved on many different levels. I didn’t just become a better basketball player; I became a better teammate and a better person. With the help of our coaches, the girls on both teams gained more than just skills. Together we gained confidence and determination to accomplish our goals.

I’m having so much fun this volleyball season. We have great coaches and a great team. The main things we are focusing on this season are skills, sportsmanship and effort. We have learned that even if you are a talented player, it is very important to play as a team. I believe a lot of great things will come out of this experience.

These interscholastic sports have created memories that I will carry with me for a long time. I strongly hope that the referendum passes so other students will get to experience interscholastic sports, music, art, foreign language and ATP classes. I believe these things will be very beneficial to students in the future. I am 12 and not able to vote yet, so I hope that you will vote for the referendum to pass.

Kate McCole
River Forest

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