U.S. Rep. Danny K. Davis (7th) has been in Congress for 10 years. He hasn’t lost the fire in his belly, he hasn’t lost the righteous indignation, he hasn’t lost the low boom in his voice that he uses so effectively in making his points clear.

And that for us is plenty of reason to endorse him for reelection in the Democratic primary. Danny Davis is an advocate for people who need advocates. His Arkansas roots, his West Side roots, his independent political roots have not been co-opted by the high praise and endless perks of a Congressman’s life in D.C.

That said, we are disappointed by Davis’ recent endorsement, along with a bevy of black politicians, of John Stroger’s re-election as county board president. That was a political act we would have expected Davis to rise above.

Despite spending all of his 10 years in the House of Representatives in the minority, he has successfully worked with the Republican majority to get significant legislation passed.

Davis has worked to pass legislation to fund health services to eradicate Sickle Cell Disease. He also helped pass legislation to create partnerships between large corporations and small businesses. His admitted crown jewel would be the Second Chances Ex-Offenders Act, which was recently passed out of committee and is awaiting introduction to the floor of the House.

Davis’ ‘down home, good-ole-boy’ approach, which is often criticized, has served him well to build relationships.

Davis has reached a level of respectability?#34;both locally and nationally?#34;rivaled by only a few in his position. Could he have accomplished more? Perhaps. But he has been a voice worth having in Washington and in our community.

His Democratic opponents have called for change. But there must be good reason to remove someone from the level of seniority that Davis has attained. At this time, there is none.

Unlike previous Davis rivals, Jim Ascott has something to offer voters. This may not be his election, but we’d like to see Democrats find a race for him in the future.

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