Don Harmon has made this decision easy.

In his freshman term, Harmon introduced and passed more bills than some senators do in their entire careers. He brought the Oak Park model for early childhood agencies working together to Springfield to base a state-wide agency on. He went to bat for Oak Park schools looking to get out of an archaic financial arrangement with the Cicero Township Trustees of Schools.

Much of Harmon’s success he attributes to reaching out: across the aisle and across the state.

Harmon says he’ll get behind an effort to change the rate schools are able to adjust budget increases by that more accurately reflects their operating expenses. At the same time, he’s the lead sponsor in an effort to reduce the number of years a district can phase-in its referendum, which will protect taxpayers.

And he said he would get behind a broad re-thinking of Illinois’ sunshine laws, considered some of the least sunniest in the country.

We are frequently impressed with Harmon’s candor and forthrightness. He strikes us as being a straight-shooter who feels only enough comfort in the unctuousness of politics to get the job done.

So far he’s done that, and we look forward to another term.

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