The manner in which a possible governor’s election race for 2006 is shaping up should be exceptionally interesting and even historic. Topinka is an ardent Republican while Blagojevich is an equally ardent Democrat. What makes the possible election more interesting is that they are both of Slavic ancestry. Topinka is of Czech ancestry and Blagojevich of Yugoslav or Serbo-Croatian language ancestry. The fact that one is a female and the other a male in an election where sex in a governor’s election in Illinois has been male-oriented, is also different.

It will be interesting as to how they will develop their campaigns. Topinka may present herself as an all-American girl, Hollywood style, ala Judy Garland. Topinka in her unorthodox manner might sing Garland’s famous “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” song from the Wizard of Oz. Blagojevich, wanting to equally fit into America, could employ the masculine approach by presenting himself as a basketball star like Michael Jordan, hoping he can make another one-hand long shot from center court on the campaign trail.

An election where gender, ethnicity and ambition will be so prevalent will make for interesting theater. It will not have a love angle as Romeo and Juliet, but like all of Shakespeare’s Plays, it will be political.

William Becic
Oak Park

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