Oh brother … New Leadership Party (NLP) Trustee Robert Milstein, there you go again. If personal attacks and political spin were an Olympic sport, Mr. Milstein would win a medal!

In his “doom and gloom” One View in Wednesday Journal Feb. 22, he espouses that “elections must be around the corner” because the Village Manager Association (VMA) is speaking out.” (This coming from the Trustee who has been in perpetual campaign mode for 5 years.) Seems to me there is a new VMA in town, and they are going to speak out on issues in a rational and responsible way, which is good news for the taxpayers of Oak Park, based on what I’ve been seeing from the NLP board majority.

Trustee Milstein says he isn’t hostile?#34;yet he goes on to attack Trustee Ray Johnson, the Taxman/Focus Development team, VMA President Bob Kane, and Forum Oak Park’s Jon Hale. All in the same paper on the same day.

Trustee Milstein suggests Trustee Ray Johnson is “the doom and gloom” of the VMA. The Ray Johnson I know is optimistic, well-intentioned, dedicated and one of the most effective trustees I’ve seen in a long time. He has offered exceptional leadership, professionalism, courage, and optimism in a very tough environment. You can’t spin that, Mr. Milstein.

One wonders if personal attacks have replaced well reasoned and thoughtful debate. One hopes that a Washington-style of politics hasn’t become the norm with the NLP majority. And to Trustee Johnson, I say: Keep the faith!

Erin Inselberger
Oak Park

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