From 1985 to 1992 the local political party CARE (Citizens Active for a Responsible Electorate) provided continuous alternative candidates to the VMA. A total of seven people were elected by CARE in Oak Park as slated candidates, another was elected with CARE support, and two members of the CARE-offshoot TURF were elected to boards in River Forest. In addition, two CARE members ran as independents and won seats on the village board. Until 2003, only such CARE candidates had broken the VMA-stranglehold on the village board since the VMA began in 1951.

That is a total of 12 people elected with direct or indirect CARE aid. Two were elected president of their board.

From 1989 to 1992 CARE ran complete slates for every Oak Park election, District 97, District 200, township, library, park, and village. In addition, CARE fought every tax-increase referendum and sponsored numerous forums at the village and library which were attended by overflow crowds.

Although we relished in the VCA victory last November, when that group has lasted seven years and when they have elected people to not just one, but five boards, then they can share the position of the CARE party in Oak Park-River Forest political history.

Meanwhile, new writers for the Wednesday Journal should be encouraged to check their facts. The majority of people who live in Oak Park now did not live here during the CARE period, which ended 13 years ago. They rely on the press for accurate history. Please don’t rewrite it.

Les Golden
President CARE, 1989-1992
Theresa Greene
President CARE, 1986-1989

Editor’s note:Of the seven CARE candidates mentioned above, three won seats on the Oak Park village board against VMA candidates. The VMA was not involved in the other board races listed. The “VCA victory” mentioned was actually the New Leadership Party, which included former VCA members.

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