In response to the appalling comments and ignorance made by McLouis Robinet (which I can hardly believe this person is black, let alone grew up in the south), I have a quote by Marcus Garvey who spoke of the “price of leadership”:

“To enlighten our people [black people] are at times very much annoyed and discouraged by the acts of our own people in that consciously or unconsciously they do so many things to hurt our deeper feeling of loyalty and love for our race. We must be sympathetic, we must be forgiving, we must really have forbearance, so that when the ignorant and illiterate fellow who happens to be a member of your own race stands up, to block the passage of some cause that you believe would be to his benefit and to yours as a people you will be able to overlook him, even though he fosters his opposition with the greatest amount of insult to your intelligence and to your dignity.”

This quote is the sum total of what I think about his or her opinion about black parents that are blaming the problems at Beye School on racism.

Georgetta Davis
Elementary educator, MAT

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