I attended a West Suburban Conference athletic event on Friday that was held under the lights where students, parents and community showed up. I did not have a child participating for I was there to watch a nephew who was competing on the opponent’s freshman team and to support my local high school team. While attending the varsity game, I observed the following:

? Several hundred students in their student section were sporting their school colors and had a general interest as to what was happening on the court.

? A student section that was allowed to participate, have fun and become an integral part of the game as a “6th man,” using the home court to their advantage.

? A student section that was allowed to be seen and heard and not relegated to the far regions of the facility.

? An active pep band.

? A mascot that showed up in costume, greeted fans and brought smiles to the kids who were in attendance.

? A pom squad, which entertained at halftime and then stayed for the remainder of the game supporting their peers.

?  Community, parents and students who supported their team even when they were 12 points behind.

Perhaps the York High School community is excited about supporting their high school basketball program because they began their season with 12 consecutive wins. Or maybe it is because they are experiencing a successful season for the first time in many years.

The last time I checked, the OPRF Huskies boys basketball team once again has climbed to the top of the WSC Silver Conference and have captured conference championships in consecutive years. That seems to be a good reason to support this winning program.

Congratulations to the Huskies on another road victory and good luck the remainder of the season.

Mark J. Wagner
Oak Park

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