I’m glad to hear that OPRF High School has changed its mind and decided to charge the Gay Games rent to use the school, “out of fairness” (Gay Games won’t cost taxpayers, host say; Forest Leaves, Jan. 25). Even if it’s just Pee Wee Football rates, it’s still welcome. Apparently, OPRF hadn’t received a voluntary offer of funding. Perhaps some good can come from printing our opinions after all.

Regarding Lynne Clark’s letter [Gay Games will only shift tennis programs at OPRF, Viewpoints, Jan 25], I listed my sources of information; look them up (local papers edit out references to competing papers though).

If there are “gay kids” attending OPRF and using the facilities daily, they should absolutely not be discriminated against. Nor should any other troubled youth, whether it’s drugs, religious or other social problems. These modern times can be very confusing for children. I think more should be done to provide positive role models and to protect the kids from being indoctrinated by life’s many strangers about such adult things so early in their lives. If the parents fail to do that, then the school can recommend or even provide professional counselors.

I hope these Gay Games are the boon to the local economy as some project. The local businesses sure could use it. So bring on the games! I’m curious to see some of those suspicious Badminton players I’ve heard about.

Eric Peters
River Forest

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