This is for Maurice, Marie, Sylvia and Alberto Afonso:

The last thing we need is a citizens’ oversight group for our police officers. They can barely do their job without some liberal citizen breathing down their throat on whether they have done it politically correct or not. Out of the 100 police officers that Oak Park does have, there are many, many wonderful people who put their life on the line every day for you.

With Oak Park being bordered by neighborhoods that are less desirable to live in, I know that our police have done a wonderful job in this community. If they hadn’t, Oak Park would not have the reputation it does. Unfortunately, police officers’ personal lives are more public than most. They are a police officer eight hours a day, and the other 16 hours they are a citizen just like you. So unless your personal life is flawless, I suggest you do not judge our police. Thank you again to all of our officers in Oak Park, including Chief Tanksley!

Danette Rumoro

Oak Park

Editor’s note: Among its many advisory commissions, the Village of Oak Park has a police oversight commission.

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