Too often we read about the negative actions of our public officials. The American Brain Tumor Association would like to publicly thank and acknowledge the bi-partisan collaboration of Illinois state senators Chris Lauzen (R) and Don Harmon (D) for their successful achievement in having a check-off box for “Brain Tumor Research” added to the IL-1040 Tax Form.

The citizens of Illinois will have the opportunity to easily make a donation for brain tumor research when they complete their tax form this year.

When asked many months ago, Sen. Lauzen immediately agreed to sponsor this cause and Senate Bill 61 was drafted.

He urged us to find a Democratic co-sponsor since brain tumors do not discriminate?#34;the rich, the poor, the young, the old, Republicans and Democrats?#34;anyone can be affected.

When approached, Senator Don Harmon willingly agreed to take the lead on his side of the aisle. With their leadership, the bill was successfully passed.

Thank you, senators. Your efforts provide hope to those battling a brain tumor today, and those whose battles are yet to come.

Naomi L. Berkowitz
Executive director,
American Brain Tumor Association
Des Plaines

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