Much has been said in the last few years about where Oak Park is going with economic development. Studies, consultants, testimonies, meetings and more meetings have hashed out various ways for moving forward. However, it appears we are still trying to parse out the “perfect plan.” Most of us can find areas for acceptance or recommendations in the Steering Committee’s plan for DTOP we don’t fully agree with?#34;which is usually the case in Oak Park with so many varying opinions?#34;but it is time to come together.

Whether you agree with what Taxman-Focus has built in Oak Park and River Forest, they have been our key partners in which much has been accomplished. They have invested and profited, as developers should, and we have some nice shops and buildings to live in. Yes, we could find other developers and should be reaching out to attract other firms to invest in our village’s redevelopment efforts (although they better be warned of all the ground rules before coming to play!). But we have a good development partner, who, like the taxpayers of Oak Park, has put money on the line and invested in our communities.

I believe it is time to stop trying to tweak what our fellow citizens and business community have worked so hard to agree upon. I urge the village trustees to fully support the Citizens Steering Committee recommendations for Downtown Oak Park.

Bill Higgins
Oak Park

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