I would like to thank Diana Oleszczuk and Josh Hawkins for doing such a great job with the Nov. 23 Roller Derby story and photographs [Ready to roll, LifeLines, Nov. 23]. Josh was especially brave for getting right down on the track with the action, risking life and lens at our championship bout.

I would also like to publicly thank Fly Bird, for supporting derby every month with posters in the window and tickets at the counter; the Oak Park moms who came to almost every bout; and my wonderful husband, Ben Neiburger, for his eternal patience and loving support for me and the commitment it takes to be Queen B.

However, and with all due respect to Gloria Groom, doesn’t a Queen outrank a Knight when it comes to a front-page mention?

Barbara A. Dolan (aka Queen B)
Windy City Rollers

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