New Street is about a welcome connection with wonderful Westgate, making it at last a vital part of the Downtown Oak Park personality.

New Street is about six new hot-spot retail corners and nearly two new blocks of 21st century shopping.

New Street is about easy-to-use shopper parking in an easy-to-find new parking structure.

New Street is about easy-to-give directions to that parking and easy-to-give directions from that parking to all of downtown’s stores and offices.

New Street is about easy-to-see shopper parking directly from Lake Street. The structure will be smack-dab in the middle, surrounded by retail stores, rather than separate from them.

New Street is about a colorful corridor of bright retail windows that will welcome shoppers the minute they walk out of the new parking structure. A positive downtown shopping experience begins immediately, no dark alleys or backs of buildings.

New Street is about a vibrant car and people path. It becomes part of a new street and sidewalk grid and makes all the stores, offices and parking a quick and easy walk-to from any point downtown.

New Street is about an easy-to-find-again, bright and lively way back to the new parking for tired shoppers. No dreary back-streets, no seemingly unsafe alleys and no long, lonely ped-ways.

New Street is about traffic on Lake Street and the proposed re-opened Marion and Westgate. If you want more shoppers, you’re going to have more traffic. The faster you park ’em, the faster you get the cars off the streets and the shoppers onto the sidewalks and into the stores!

New Street is about in-your-face, first class, front-door parking for downtown shoppers. No need to leave downtown in order to park and shop downtown.

New Street is about a 24/7 message to shoppers that their time, comfort and convenience are at the top of Oak Park’s downtown shopping list. That’s why you’re spending all that money.

Isn’t it?

Dennis & Bunny Murphy
Poor Phil’s Bar & Grill

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