We are sick of people this week and are only talking to dogs, who complain much less and don’t want anything for Christmas. Fortunately for us, animal society has much to offer this time of year.

This weekend is, of course, the 21st annual Animal Care League Holiday Bazaar, on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 9 and 10, at the Nineteenth Century Club, 178 Forest Ave. (848-8155). We plan to go hang around with the pets and watch the refreshments. If any humans approach us, we’ll bark.

Even though there are no dogs involved, we love First Baptist Church of Oak Park’s annual live nativity, Journey to Bethlehem, which is scheduled this year for Saturday, Dec. 10, and Sunday, Dec. 11, on the church lawn along Ontario Street between Lake Street and Grove Avenue (848-4070). The event discourages idle human chitchat, and there are usually lots of animals?#34;a live camel, a donkey, and some goats and sheep?#34;who tolerate being watched very nobly. We’ve always wanted to strike up a conversation with the camel, but it’s always looked so condescending. So we’ll probably just try to get a rise out of the donkey, as usual.

We might go hear the Holiday Tuba Quartet perform at the Holiday Open House at Todd & Holland Tea Merchants, 7311 Madison St., Forest Park, on Saturday, Dec. 10, from 12 to 2 p.m. (488-1136). The decibel level of the instruments should preclude any obligation to converse with people. Tea and cookies are provided. We will, doglike, keep our eyes focused steadily on the food, should anyone come too near.

Did you know that two dogs, named Liberty and Sammie, have been listening to children read at Dole Branch Library (386-9032)? Do not try this at home if you have a schnoodle named Norman, as we do. He will not listen. He will keep trying to tell you what he wants for Christmas. He’s as bad as you humans.

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