Thanks for focusing on our very special church here in Oak Park?#34;New Spirit Church on Adams and Scoville [Two views, same pew, Oct. 5]. We are an unusual church family. Our makeup is gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight and transgender. Like a family, we love each other, and we are not without our differences. My family argues, too. Anger would flare, then subside, but communication was allowed.

Some people want to be the boss when it suits them and because they do a little work or donate a little, they think they are entitled to make demands, and when these are not met, they take their ball and go home. They don’t realize that they are our family too, and if they were to come back, like a family they would be welcomed. Pastor Bradley does not have an easy job, but he has devoted his life to this difficult (to say the least) ministry. Not just a little of his time or resources, but his life.

Jeff Cobb

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