I read with interest your “Inside Report” on “The White behind Whiteco” [Oct. 19, page 4].

Based on the headline, I expected to see a description of the real person behind a nationally-recognized corporate brand. Instead, what you printed was merely the “net worth” portion of an article recently published in Crain’s, ending with “now you know.”

Your short article told us nothing about Dean White. If you are going to reveal “the man” behind the name and “all the histrionics about his firm building in downtown Oak Park,” I would suggest that you do just that. It wouldn’t have been much trouble for you to do your homework before publishing your information.

Dean White, long-time resident of Crown Point, Ind., is one of the most astute business people in the United States today. Whiteco Industries is a successful corporation because of his hard work and leadership. The companies under his flagship name have employed thousands of people; our country is a better place because of his business acumen.

However, along with being hardworking and resourceful, the Dean White my husband and I have known for nearly 20 years, has been a devoted husband, a loving father, and a doting and energetic grandfather. Long before he had net worth that folks gossiped about, he was a philanthropist, community advocate and leader. He remains a man of integrity dedicated to family values and strong communities.

It really doesn’t matter what his Forbes ranking is. The first century maxim says, “A good reputation is more valuable than money.” We should be honored that a man of “good reputation” is willing to invest in our community. Now you know.

Sally H. Giancola
River Forest

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