Well, another Halloween has come and gone. This was my 15th in Oak Park, and I still find it baffling why Trick or Treating in this village continues as it does.

Behind the Cheddar Curtain where I grew up (that’s Wisconsin for all of you out there), we used to Trick or Treat on the nearest Sunday afternoon to Halloween. I seem to recall that it was from about noon until 3 or 4 p.m.

Granted, as a child, I would have rather gone in the evening. However, as a parent, this seems like a much better time for one reason: safety.

1) Let’s avoid children crossing the street at night, costumes impairing their ability to see oncoming traffic or worse yet: a driver’s ability to see the child.

2) Let’s reduce the growing level of unacceptable behavior and attitudes: It is not OK to bully or take candy from others. It is not OK to vandalize homes or ruin decorations because there is no candy there, or people have run out. It is not OK to carry two or three bags for a brother, sister or whoever “couldn’t make it.” (As ridiculous or unbelievable as this may sound to some of you, I keep seeing and hearing more and more of this every year.)

Let’s make this event fun again. I think it’s time Oak Park and River Forest looked at changing the rules to Trick or Treat during daylight hours on a weekend afternoon. How many out there agree?

Andy Kaczkowski
Oak Park

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