Thank you for your excellent coverage of the Oak Park and River Forest High School Class of 1955 reunion on Homecoming weekend. Many such long-awaited events prove to be a disappointment, but not this one. We had an excellent turn-out, and classmates really enjoyed seeing what the school and community looked like today. They were impressed with the progress Oak Park has made and with the physical condition and student/teacher accomplishments.

What particularly interested me was how many of my classmates were not only still working, but that so many were in their second careers. As an example, one woman had returned to university at age 60 to gain her MSW and was now a geriatic social worker. There were many who were full-time volunteers. It was a physically active and attractive group?#34;although there was predictably some talk of hip and knee replacements.

What was most gratifying was to see that they were life-long learners and fondly remembered the high quality of teaching that made OPRFHS graduates want to continue learning. Some commented about the “let-down” as college freshman?#34;their classes were often not as high quality as their high school ones. Rich Gloor and I co-hosted the bus tour that focused on economic development in Oak Park, and our tour group was amazed at Oak Park’s success, coupled with long-term racial diversity. Many expressed the feeling that they’d like to live in Oak Park again (although perhaps the Arizona and California weather was more appealing).

We handed out Wednesday Journals, which were transported across the U.S. as our alums returned home?#34;perhaps a bit tired but rejuvenated by the warm friendships, good memories, and a desire to meet again in five years.

Bobbie Raymond Larson
President, Alumni Association of OPRF

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