Wednesday Journal published two letters on Oct. 19 decrying “reckless charges … [that were] a contemptible slap in the face of everyone … who selflessly gave of their time for the good of Oak Park” and “zealots … incapable of believing that everyone else doesn’t believe as they do.” What prompted these ad hominem attacks that decried “ad hominem attacks?”

The previous week, Christine Vernon raised what may be pertinent questions that were not addressed by either letter writer:

Did a representative of the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois (LPCI) who is a non-resident serve on an advisory commission within the TIF district?

Did the LPCI receive financing contributions from principal players who participated in the meetings?

Should two Steering Committee members have recused themselves from participating in discussions and voting where there may have been conflicts of interest?

Has the Village of Oak Park provided an adequate public accounting of millions of dollars of TIF money paid out since 1983?

Have TIF funds been diverted from infrastructure improvements to outright subsidies to developers?

Does DTOP receive $300,000 a year from the downtown TIF, and if so, is this a reasonable use of these funds?

How do citizens learn the truth about whether a public body is ignoring conflicts of interest, some bordering on being illegal?

Has Wednesday Journal failed to report conflicts of interest, expose corruption, report unbiased facts, and serve the public un-politically?

These sound like tough but important questions that deserve serious answers. Finally, why did the two letter writers attack the messenger instead of addressing the questions?

George Klumpner
Oak Park

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