Thanks for Mary Jo Griffin’s article summarizing Alcuin Montessori School’s early years [Learning Curve, Oct. 12].

I was in the audience at the American Montessori Society’s Annual Meeting at the Edgewater Beach in June 1963 as 3- and 4-year-old Alcuin students choose among sets of materials for the projects they had elected to do, and quietly began work. The pleasure and pride they took in completing their tasks, and their poise and self-confidence were so evident, I could not wait to get home to tell my husband, George, and our children?#34;then one, two and three years of age?#34;about my discovery.

Because Alcuin in Oak Park was the only Montessori School in the Midwest at that time, we decided to move there from Chicago. In August, just in time for our eldest child to begin the school year, we entered the former Lowell School at Forest and Lake.

Founding parents I had met at the demonstration there were: Dr. Urban Fleege, registering entrants; his wife Virginia, arranging carpools and troubleshooting; and Dr. Paul Dunn and his wife, Kathy, introducing the directresses.

The rich learning experiences that ensued during the few years our children were there (it was limited to preschool years at that time) became the foundation for lifelong love of reading and pursuit of knowledge. We are grateful for the founding families’ vision and initiative in establishing this valuable community resource.

Betty and George Moore
River Forest

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