Testimony against the idea of a development moratorium was sweeping at a village board study session last week.

In a letter to trustees copied to Wednesday Journal, Brian Farrar of the New Leadership Coalition, which won all three of the open seats on the board in April’s election, stated, “This is a decision where there is plainly a right and wrong answer.”

He urged trustees to not “by fiat” rescind property rights, saying to do so would be akin to the previous board’s “deliberate disregard for the rights of property owners” in granting “extraordinary zoning variances.”

“To enact a moratorium on development…is similarly bad policy and poor use of governmental power. It was wrong when the VMA board did it, and would be wrong now for the same reasons.”

Farrar said the village should use its power of approval on developments requiring zoning allowances to see that responsible projects are built, and that a moratorium wasn’t the best tool for controlling building of “by-right” projects?#34;those not needing zoning allowances.

“To prevent such action by halting all ‘by-right’ development is the equivalent of carving the Thanksgiving turkey with a chainsaw.”

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