This letter is to clarify the article written about the Plan Commission meeting [Do townhouses really benefit village? How could you tell? Sept. 21], which appeared in Wednesday Journal. In that article, there was a partial quote that may have created the impression that I oppose townhome developments. I am not opposed to townhome developments. The point I was trying to make is that there are enough townhomes built now, to provide useful feedback to the Plan Commission regarding how this new housing type is fitting into the community.

Since many of the infill projects that have come before the Plan Commission in recent years are townhomes, and because townhome projects have a demonstrated market and financial feasibility in Oak Park at this time, it seems sensible to examine the townhome projects that have been built from the perspective of guiding us to make the best decisions possible in the future. In the recent past and in the near future, it has been the Plan Commission’s responsibility to hold public hearings regarding proposed townhome projects and make recommendations to the village board regarding whether a Planned Development permit should be approved. During the public hearing process, each project is reviewed against the legal standards, and the merits of each individual project must be considered.

Penny Wallingford,
Plan commissioner

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