For a long time in Oak Park you only had one choice for a cab ride. So I put up with the dispatchers and the unnerving feeling that I had no choice when it came to my transportation to and from the airport. This feeling continued until one rainy day I was on my way to the airport in a cab that was going much too fast for the conditions at hand. As the cab driver was making a left turn, he spun out of control and rammed the passenger side of the car into oncoming traffic. The result of this collision was that we were thrown into a school bus, a truck and a car.

After the initial shock of the situation, the other vehicles moved to the side of the road around the corner. My driver began to follow until he abruptly did a U-Turn and proceeded to drive me to the airport. Not only did he leave the scene of an accident, he would not pull over at my request.

Rain was pelting my face from the broken window and I was covered in glass. I was dropped off at the airport with the only comment from the driver being “this one is on me.”

After my weekend trip, I returned home and called the cab company to inform them of my last experience riding with them. I was continually transferred from manager to manager without even a simple sorry or “this is what we are going to do about it.” After never hearing back from them, I assumed that the situation was taken care of. So imagine my surprise when months later I saw the same cab number and the same cab driver behind the wheel driving other unsuspecting people.

Not only did the cab company not take leaving the scene of an accident seriously, they continued to employ the driver who crashed me, and even fixed his cab!

Carey Smith
Oak Park

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