Dear Viewpoints,

Did you say PIES? We were planning our new Great Harvest Pie “roll-out” just this week!

Master baker Robert Toney has perfected the Apple Crumb Pie. He’ll be baking pumkin next … and more to follow. And, of course, we think Peet’s coffee is the perfect accompaniment.

We’ll be baking pies for sale whole or by the slice every Friday.

See you at the bakery!
Cathy Yen
Great Harvest Bread Company

Editor’s note: Any other local pie recommendations out there? Any other questions on local topics you’ve always wanted answered? Send them in. 

If the apple doesn’t
grab you, try Grandma Thelma’s pecan pie
Pie lovers: The answer to your question in last Wednesday’s Viewpoints [Where can you get a good slice of pie?] is Petersen’s Restaurant Ice Cream Parlour & Sweet Shoppe.

The proof is in the pudding [or pie] so try our Apple Pie?#34;famous with our cinnamon ice cream. Then try Grandma Thelma’s Pecan Pie made with our famous salted butter roasted pecans. Grandma Thelma is our confectionary chef’s grandma. Our confectionary chef is Natalie Hof.
Daryl Bartelson
Owner, Petersen’s

Try Laury’s Bakery
for sweet potato pie
I hope someone comes up with a sit-down place for good pie, but when I want great sweet potato pie slices (squares), I head to Laury’s Bakery, 12 Madison St. Their main business seems to be in party cakes. They also carry lots of individual bakery goodies that one can snack on while waiting at the corner bus stop or take home to guests; but I stop in weekly for sweet potato pie slices. Yesterday I bought a cake for guests but the sweet potato pie slices are the attraction for me. They have a huge tray of them daily.

Unfortunately, they are not Bakers Square, so they don’t have a big variety but I’m happy with one good variety. I hope this helps.

Most shoppers seem to be from across the street in Chicago; however, Oak Parkers who do discover Laury’s will find at least one kind of good pie and probably a few more items to come back for. It is only a few blocks east of Oak Park Village Hall.
Mina Riddle
Oak Park

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