If Lake Michigan were to flood Chicago and Oak Park up to Ridgeland Avenue?#34;as it could?#34;I would hate to have to rely on the federal government for help. The atrocities being reported in the media need to be investigated by an independent commission to find out the who, how, and what was going on.

Why weren’t people without cars bused out before the storm hit? Why was a hospital ship able to ride out the hurricane not put to immediate rescue use as it was designed to do? Why is portable housing hundreds of miles away from the coast? There was so much that could have been done, but wasn’t. You would have thought we had learned more from 9/11, but it doesn’t look like we did.

We need another 9/11 independent commission to investigate our failures. Are we going to get it, or do we as the greatest nation in the world just sit around on our rumps and cry?

Mary Ann Thrantell
Oak Park

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