I feel compelled to write and share my thoughts with your readers on the scumbag movie, one of Liberal Hollywood’s sleaze movies of the year, The Aristocrats.

I believe its purpose was to shock Christians or decent people to the core so that they might walk out in horror and disgust.

Of course we had all been warned of its “dirty joke” content, but since I see most of the “talked about movies of the year,” since I am an avid movie-goer, I had to see and hear for myself how really filthy it was and is:

Sex: with your children and they with you; mom and dad and all members of the family doing it together?#34;and excrement (“into my wife’s mouth”), and it all over the place, and OK, yes, don’t forget vomit mixed up with everything else.

Words you wouldn’t think of mentioning out loud to anyone or even to yourself. The “F” word over and over again, and bringing little babies, your own, into your sex acts. And one of the performers (I really doubt what credentials he had as an “actor,” saying something like having sodomy with Jesus, etc, etc. Must I go on!

Hollywood and your performers, you really gave yourself away with this one. And you wonder why oh why the attendance has gone down in the movie theaters.

Even in Broken Flowers (and I like Bill Murray), but you just had to include one scene of a nutty Teenie-Bopper walking out unannounced, stark naked, and I mean stark naked. Yes, I know, Read the ratings: NR it was.

That scene was not needed in this otherwise thoughtful movie.

I suppose you’ll get letters saying I’m a religious prude. Well, there’s something radically wrong with anyone who would think this movie has merit of any kind. I especially abhorred George Carlin and others I can’t name?#34;even Whoopie Goldberg of the foul mouth would not go so far as all the others did. She knew instinctively that was “over the Line of Decency,” and she is in enough trouble with the viewing audience for her previous “mouth-offs.”

No one except one idiot or confused woman laughed at this movie. There was complete shock silence, but we sat through it, just to finally prove how nuts, for lack of a better worwd, Hollywood is?#34;except for some exceptional and “thinking” directors, etc.

And now we must look forward to wonderful Tom Hanks in the fabricated movie The DaVinci Code, informing us that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, and whatever followed.

Oh, good grief! Mel Gibson, where are you?

P.S. Go see March of the Penquins. These little creatures have more sense than all of Hollywood put together. What a beautiful site for the eyes and food for the soul.

L. Johnson
Oak Park

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