I want to thank so many people for contributing to the success of Oak Park Festival Theatre’s exciting 30 year anniversary season.

If I were to list all of them by name this letter would be much too long and I would be sure to leave someone out.

I must thank our wonderful board of directors, who contributed so many ideas and so much hard work and trusted the idea of a multi-show season. Our casts, staff and interns not only contributed to excellent performances but sometimes did so despite uncomfortable weather conditions. They were a really nice group of people to work with.

Thank you to all the businesses and organizations such as Downtown Oak Park, the Visitor’s Center, the Park District and the Oak Park Area Arts Council that helped to fund the productions.

Thank you to Wednesday Journal for the wonderful ads, the great photos and clever captions (e.g. Eros and Errors), that kept us in the public’s mind.

Special thanks goes to artistic director Jack Hickey, “Sons” director David Mink, guest artist Megan Wells, and the Oak Park Recorder Society, who created the experience.

A final thank you to our audiences, and especially members, for not only being there, but showing your appreciation for our hard work.

Please put our Nov. 12 benefit on your calendar and check our oakparkfestival.com in late September for news about upcoming shows.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome at: festival@oakparkfestival.com.

Joyce Porter
President, board of directors,
Oak Park Festival Theatre

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