This letter is responsive to Martin Berg and Gina Orlando’s Viewpoints letter (Subdividing Wesley lot legal, but wrong) of Aug. 31, regarding the acquisition and sale of 947 S. Wesley Ave. Substantively, the letter is false and has already been refuted (see Viewpoint letters written by Joseph Spillane and Daniel Spillane and published on Aug. 10). Part of what troubles me is that the Wednesday Journal has chosen to publish this letter. The Wednesday Journal should report the news, not create it through the publication of personal attack letters.

Mr. Berg and Ms. Orlando will have to live with the legal consequences of the false accusations and threats they have made. The property at 947 S. Wesley Avenue was legally acquired without pretense. The property has been legally divided. The vacant lot will be legally developed with a beautiful new home that will be occupied by new residents who will enhance our village with their open minds and fresh viewpoints?#34;not detract from it. Perhaps these new faces will prove Hemingway incorrect. I hope so.

Joseph R. Spillane

Oak Park

Editor’s note: The letter referred to was written and received immediately following our first article on the Wesley lot [Aug. 3]. The letter should have run the following week. The letter writers did not have the benefit of our follow-up story [Aug. 10] which corrected some previous inaccuracies. Running the letter three weeks late was our error, for which we apologize.

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