My name is Heidi Spillane, and I am the proud wife of William Spillane, proud sister-in-law of Daniel, Joseph, and Gretchen Spillane and a resident of Oak Park.

In recent weeks Wednesday Journal has printed several letters to the editor regarding the situation on 947 S. Wesley. Several of these letters, including the one printed last week, has directly attacked my husband William.

I want to say upfront that I support all the Spillanes and believe they are among the most ethical people I have ever known. The Spillane family, including Daniel, Joseph and Gretchen have lived and contributed to Oak Park for many years. The homes they have built and sold have provided many people wonderful places to raise their families.

Now, regarding my husband William, last week’s Journal had a letter that stated, “If you decide to develop the side lot, it just may hurt your business much more than the profit you will make” and “You are a neighborhood business, and the neighborhood is talking and watching.” My husband is the only Spillane who owns any businesses in Oak Park?#34;Spillane Realty and Nola’s Cup. Will had nothing to do with any decisions made about Wesley, yet these people are threatening his business. They are also questioning his ethics and motives. My husband has never done a single unethical, corrupt thing in his life. The homes he builds, rents, or sells are beautiful homes and apartments. They are always done with the utmost care and concern for quality far above concern for profit. As for Nola’s Cup, it is a caf that clearly has nothing do with any real estate deal.

I realize I’m extremely biased, but it is painful for me to read these things about a man I know to be kind, considerate and extremely ethical. He is a devoted husband, wonderful father and loyal brother and son. There are so many terrible things going on in the world right now?#34;the war in Iraq, Hurricane victims in New Orleans and countless other problems. I’m sorry for the people who feel the need to threaten someone who has done nothing but try and build a good life for his family and contribute to a community he loves.

Heidi Spillane
Oak Park

Editor’s note: Our original story mentioned William Spillane, but he has no connection to the Wesley property. We corrected that mistake the following week, but last week’s letter was written before the correction appeared. Wednesday Journal regrets any confusion.

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