Losers who whine never win. The recent column by Dan Haley (“VMA is whining, new board’s weaving,” Aug. 10) did exactly what good journalism is supposed to do?#34;it smokes out the character of people and makes them think.

The defense letter by Morris Seeskin in the Aug. 17 issue (“Haley’s attacks show he’s the ‘third rate sack'”) reveals an attitude that assumes he and the VMA hold all the correct solutions for governing.

They failed to listen to the voices and needs of the community. They were voted out of office. The majority obviously disagreed with the solutions. Instead of whining it might be more productive if Seeskin and clan examine the world around them, learn from their loss and formulate a positive platform to benefit the people who supply the tax money to fuel the village engine.

Anyone who seeks to be elected to a leadership position must remember they are there to serve. They must have vision, a plan to march toward accepted goals and the persuasive ability to enlighten and convince the electorate.

Whimpering about losing and hating the winners is a sure fire way of losing again. Give Dan Haley credit for telling it like it is. Every candidate must know the issues clearly and design a polished program that deserves a vote.

Harry M. Peterson, Jr.
River Forest

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