All right, everybody out of the pool! Summer’s over; time to stop having fun. You know that the pools actually stay open through Labor Day, of course. But it would be in poor taste to continue splashing around with the same reckless abandon you’ve been exhibiting all summer. It’s time to get serious. Your attitude of leisurely relaxation, which we so admired during the summer months, will suddenly be condemned as a character flaw come September.

A quick perusal of the calendar reveals that most opportunities for sober self-improvement and cultural edification don’t start until next week. You women already have a note on your refrigerator, naturellement, to call the Oak Park Health Department (358-5484) by Friday, Sept. 2, to sign up for Heart Smart for Women, a 12-week program that encourages women to incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. But it doesn’t actually start until mid-September, so …

Tell you what: let’s just grab some Krispy Kremes and head on over to John Toomey Gallery (818 North Blvd., 383-5234) and pretend we’re not heavily in debt. For a week, starting Saturday, Sept. 3, we can preview more than 1,000 lots of furniture, lighting, art, rugs and pottery being offered in the 20th Century Art and Design Auction on Sunday, Sept. 11. One of the decorative items we want a closer look at is a certain green Teco vase, designed by Fritz Albert, which is estimated to sell for $45,000 to $65,000. We promise not to touch this vase?#34;are you kidding? Get serious!

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