Odds and ends with some a bit odder than others:

He said what!: We buried this quote at the bottom of a crime story two weeks ago. But it must have sent some staffers at village hall running for the bromo, as they used to say. Police Chief Rick Tanksley was responding to a rash of evening alley robberies in which women were being robbed as they put their cars away. Tanksley advised women that if they felt the least bit uncomfortable, saw anything that didn’t seem right, that they just pull right out of the alley. “Don’t worry about the overnight parking ban. Park in front of your house,” he said.

Now that’s pretty good advice?#34;for heresy.

Quickly: Wouldn’t the average Oak Parker feel a bit guilty being ferried about town in the back of a rickshaw (see last week’s front page)? I mean being moved about by the sweat of another human being. Even if that human being is a middle aged white guy like rickshaw owner Rick Carter.

… The Sox are going to be all right, by the way.

… Last week’s listing of outdoor dining in Oak Park inexplicably failed to include either of Michael Pace’s restaurants. Of course, there is outdoor seating at The Avenue and at LaBella. I’ve sat in it.

Still unindicted: For those of you keeping score at home here’s the update. David Radler, major owner and martinet of Oak Leaves/Pioneer Press/Sun-Times/Hollinger International has been indicted and charged with stealing $32 million from company. Meanwhile, no major owner or even a single shareholder of Wednesday Journal, Inc. has ever been indicted. Company wouldn’t know what $32 million looked like even if we had it stuffed in our mattress.

Get the Blues tonight: As we continue celebrating 25 years in business without being indicted, the Journal is hosting “The Blues Brothers” tonight at the Lake. This is a benefit for Hephzibah and every cent of your $2.50 admission goes to the kids at Hephzibah. There will be two cars parked outside the Lake that were used in the original movie. Our own version of “the boys” will be on stage at 7 p.m. for your entertainment. Village Trustee Ray Johnson will play either Jake or Elwood. And our own classified sales rep Mike Grosso will play, well, either Jake or Elwood. Val, from Val’s Halla, will be there with Blues Brothers trivia. It is going to be a fun night. We invite you to turn out for a good cause.

Speaking of the 25th: Several elements of our 25th anniversary celebration were done in conjunction with a sponsorship deal we made with the Park District of Oak Park. We may have actually been their first corporate sponsor. There was the fancy gala in June at the Cheney Mansion. Yes, that’s the one you weren’t invited to. The food was so good. Oh, I shouldn’t have said that. And then there was the Big Block Party in Scoville Park in July that you were invited to. And the hot dogs were so good.

Well, last Friday night we had the staff party at Ridgeland Common pool. The whole place just to ourselves. Wednesday Journalists as far as the eye could see. It was great fun. Thanks to the park district for being such great partners.

And keep watching because we have a couple more tricks up our sleeves before we turn 26. Or get indicted. Whichever comes first.

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Dan Haley

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