We’re not going out this week at all. We’re too depressed about being back from vacation. Once again, we find that our life has not changed one whit in our absence. It’s the same damn thing every summer. A period of ecstatic weightlessness (vacation), followed invariably by a period of crushing disappointment (re-entry). We struggle frantically to adjust our attitude, so that the resumption of daily responsibilities is a joyful seizing of invigorating challenges, instead of the same old broken-down, never-quite-good-enough series of compromises and the best-we-can-do.

So, let’s see. Our calendar this week includes catching up on the laundry, standing in long lines at the high school with our son for registration, cleaning the bathroom, reading 753 e-mails, taking our daughter to buy hamster food, and resolving to eat healthier. Oh, and trying to remember why we quit drinking.

You, of course, are in excellent spirits, as usual. In fact, sometimes we find your attitude of perpetual optimism a bit trying. You will, no doubt, be in attendance at the concert on Saturday, Aug. 27, at 3 p.m. at Oak Park Public Library (834 Lake St. 383-8200), when two of Oak Park’s eagerly-awaited new music teachers perform: Anjali Asokan, the incoming music teacher at Holmes Elementary School, and Tom Kanwischer, who is bravely taking Ms. Holleman’s place at Julian Middle School. We wish we were starting a new school year. Our children were so excited to return from vacation they were fit to burst. Wouldn’t that be great?

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