I was appalled by Dan Haley’s column (“VMA is whining, new board’s weaving,” Aug. 10). The personal attack on Larry Christmas was mean-spirited and vicious.

I think you owe Mr. Christmas an apology but, perhaps more importantly, you owe the citizens of Oak Park an apology for your personal contribution to a political climate devoid of civility and reason.

In an ironic twist, in the same column, you chide Geoff Baker for insulting the business community?#34;this from a man who has just publicly called a former village president a “cur”!

It is very disappointing that you admit that the substantive issues considered by the village board are “beyond (your) power to divine.” Information that would help us understand and form an opinion about these issues would seem to be an important role for a newspaper.

You have done a disservice to all of us when you sidestep issues and substitute insults.

Victoria Boies
Oak Park

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