I am Daniel Spillane, and along with my wife, Kimberly, am the current owner of 947 S. Wesley in Oak Park.

My wife and I were not contacted by Wednesday Journal prior to their story about our home in last week’s edition on Aug. 3 (“Neighbors organize over possible property subdivision”) and would like to set some facts straight about our property.

John and Martha Lussenhop put 947 S. Wesley on the open and free real estate market through an unrelated professional real estate agency and realtor, providing the opportunity for anyone to purchase the property.

My wife, Kimberly, and I purchased the home from John and Martha Lussenhop on June 17 for $636,050, one of the highest recorded sale prices of a home south of the Eisenhower Expressway. Additionally, neither my wife nor I are realtors.

My wife and I have not met or spoken with John or Martha Lussenhop regarding our purchase of 947 S. Wesley before or after the purchase. John and Martha Lussenhop were represented their attorney, Patricia O’Connor, throughout the sales process.

Martha and John did not place any restrictions on the property at 947 S. Wesley. In fact, Martha and John were approached by the village in 2003 to apply for landmark status and declined to do this. Any restrictions that would have been placed on 947 S. Wesley would have severely impacted the sale price John and Martha Lussenhop would have been able to obtain.

Since our purchase we have had professional landscapers maintain the property including a major clean up that was required after we initially purchased the property. Additionally, as we all know, there is a severe drought in northern Illinois, and according to the Illinois State Water Survey, since March 1, it is the sixth driest period since 1895. Many our private gardens across the village have been understandably affected.

John and Martha Lussenhop sold 947 S. Wesley to my wife and I in an arm’s length transaction and at a price they obtained in the open market. They were represented by their attorney and realtor.

The neighbors of our home, and anyone else, clearly had the opportunity to purchase this private property, as they have indicated, and did not.

Let us all act like good citizens of this wonderful community and respect each other, including our private property rights and personal rights, and join together in welcoming new corners to our village.

Daniel Spillane
Oak Park

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