Thou Shalt Not waste summer

Ohmigod, it’s the second month of summer and we have made zero headway on our summer projects. Or rather, last year’s summer projects. To wit, we have failed to finish painting the kitchen. (Deep sigh.) The problem is that we do not want to paint the kitchen. We feel summer guilt, and it’s dampening our feel-good mood.

Suffering from any summer guilt yourselves? Of course not, you are highly motivated and efficient. Go see Circle Theatre’s production of Thou Shalt Not, anyway (771-0700). If you’ve got any nagging guilt, you will discover that things could be Much Worse. At least you haven’t killed anyone. And that is always such a relief, don’t you find? But hurry up. It’s the show’s last weekend. You may not even be able to get tickets by now. Which is your fault for putting it off. See? Now you feel guilty.

The other emotional nausea from which we’re currently suffering is claustrophobia. Stuck in the indolent coolness of our air conditioning, we are climbing the unpainted walls. We’re thinking of going to Christopher Marley’s Bugs exhibit at Morava Studios (11 Harrison St., 773/622-0324). Sound yucky? Mais non. “Mr. Marley’s fascination with insects was inspired by a desperation to avoid them,” writes the gallery. “His creations are minimalistic to escape the claustrophobia that almost universally accompanies one’s interactions with arthropods.” We must see these arthropod-inspired creations. Maybe an afternoon on Harrison Street will help us forget about painting. Again.

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