I know the parking situation in Oak Park has been awful since I moved here 20-plus years ago. But recently we received two citations for parking on Euclid so the family could have dinner in a nearby restaurant. Our fault; we didn’t notice permit parking only. Funny, I just finished paying for three village stickers. Guess these don’t permit you to do anything. So $60 later, I’ve had it with Oak Park!

Not only have our taxes increased by more than 30 percent in a year, but every time we turn around there are more parking restrictions and new fees associated with everything in this village.

Where the money goes is a mystery since the streets are in awful shape. The trees along the parkways threaten to poke our eyes out for lack of adequate trimming. The alleys are so overgrown and rutted they are almost impassable.

Trying to drive down Oak Park Avenue or Harlem at any time of the day is like traveling on the Eisenhower in rush hour. Not to mention the “right turn only” additions, jutting curbsides, one ways, parking lanes, and ever increasing “no outlet” cul-de-sacs.

The ordeal of finding the way out of Oak Park has become worth the effort. I’ll spend my $60 on a finer meal and even valet the car.

Laurel Byrne
Oak Park

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