Yaaaaay!! The Fourth of July is finally here again! Kaboom! Kapowie! Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh! You’re dead! Wait a minute, that’s cops and robbers. Do not pause here to contemplate the similarity. This is not the time for self-analysis, my friends. It’s time to be Patriotic. Yaaaay!! Ker-blam!

We realize that most of you did not get married on the 4th of July, as we had the foresight to do. We’ll pause here, while you make a crack involving wedding nights and fireworks. Ha-ha. We expect to see you all at the Oak Park and River Forest fireworks, nonetheless, on Monday night, July 4, at the high school (201 N. Scoville Ave.). Our stomach relaxes just thinking about it: Sousa floating through the air; the children cavorting, sulking or already disappeared, depending on their ages. Waving at neighbors, avoiding certain acquaintances?#34;boy, you really can’t go anywhere in Oak Park without running into people, can you?

The fireworks display starts around dusk, 8:30 to 9:00-ish?#34;or maybe later, if we didn’t put enough money in the hat last year and the GALA people are still at home scrambling for change to buy matches. Let’s say it all together: Thank you sponsors, Community Bank! Thank you, Wednesday Journal!

That’s enough. Now let’s all go to the American Music Festival at FitzGerald’s (6615 Roosevelt Rd.). It’s hot and we want to be raucous, cold beer in hand.

Kristin Gehring, our CALENDAR editor, will now tell us what’s really happening in town. Each week in this space.

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