I am writing in response to the excessive advertising and media attention regarding Poor Phil’s and it’s claim to be smoke-free.

First of all, Poor Phil’s was one of the last hold-outs for giving up the right to smoke and now it’s claiming it was the leader.

Secondly, upon a recent visit to the restaurant my friend and I had requested a seat outside for dining. We were given the choice of sitting in the smoking or the non smoking section. We preferred sitting outside on the south side of the building but were told it was the smoking section. Given the choice we would take the smoking section since it was our favorite outdoor hang-out in Oak Park and somewhat quieter than the Marion Street side.

After agreeing to sit in the smoking section we were then turned down for the table since there were just two of us and the only table available seated four. It was nine o’clock at night, how busy did they expect it to get? And to turn away two loyal customers for the sake of filling a table with two more people?

I am fed up with the blatant hype for their “smoke-free” business and their complete disregard to serving people a meal without worrying if each patron will maximize their profits!

Poor Phil’s will sadly lose more customers than us, as we have many friends in Oak Park who also see through their thin smoke screen.

Besides, Molly Mallone’s in Forest Park is a much cleaner, friendlier and affordable neighborhood establishment.

Christina Nixon
Oak Park

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