Those with laptop computers complete with wireless cards now have a new venue at which to surf the net. The Oak Park Public Library is now equipped with a wi-fi (wireless fidelity) network.

The main branch of the library, 834 Lake St., offers 55 computers with Internet availability to the public, but library staff had been working to provide Internet access ever since the building opened in October 2003, said Jim Madigan, assistant director of the library.

“When we opened, we didn’t feel that a protocol had been agreed upon to choose one (a wi-fi system),” he said. “It took about a year for things to sort themselves out as far as technology.”

According to a library press release, those with library cards will be able to use the wi-fi network with the greatest bandwidth in the Main Library by entering their 14-digit library card number and pin number. Those without an Oak Park Public Library card can log in by entering their e-mail address in the “guests” section of the screen.

?#34;Stephanie Thies

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