OPRF grad Dan Sullivan, aka “Sully,” will perform on HBO’s “Def Poetry Jam” Friday night.

The program will air at 10:30 p.m. on Friday, June 17.

Sullivan helps lead the OPRF Spoken Word Club, along with teacher Peter Kahn. Sullivan is a well-known Chicago poet, having recently appeared on the Bud Light Stage at Navy Pier, and was the youngest person to win Chicago’s Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Competition, said Pat Sullivan, the poet’s mother. She’ll host a viewing party Friday night at the Sullivan’s Oak Park home.

Dan Sullivan flew to New York for the taping last year, but the show hasn’t aired until now.

Open season on bullfrogs?

That’s what it says on the Illinois Department of Natural Resources press release. June 15 is opening day of bullfrog season and, according to the release, there are “many strategies available to nab frogs.”

The season continues through Aug. 31 but intrepid bullfrog stalkers are limited to eight per day. On the other hand, “No size limit applies.” In Illinois, the release says, “it is legal to capture bullfrogs using a gig, bow and arrow, net, or by hand,” but since they can grow to be a foot long, the “by hand” thing may be contraindicated. If we encountered a foot-long bullfrog in the wild, we’re pretty sure we’d run screaming in the other direction.

The frog population is apparently thriving, their numbers aided by the sizable increase in “created ponds” in recent years.

Bullfrogs, which are desired for “their meat, especially of the legs and back,” are the only frogs you can hunt, however. If you have any trouble making distinctions, the IDNR says, they make a “deep rumbling croaking” … commonly described as sounding like the words ‘jug-of-rum.'”

Reality check

Last week’s story on Oak Park’s Diversity Assurance Program incorrectly stated that the program’s rental reimbursement expenditures come from the village’s general fund. According to Greg Peters, head of the Oak Park finance department, the rental reimbursement funds, like all other costs of the program, come from housing bond funds.

WEDNESDAY JOURNAL regrets the error.

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