With many TEAM parents now expressing their views on the High School Special Ed TEAM program, here is the view from our family. We simply do not understand why it is such a big deal for TEAM to offer Verbal Behavior ABA option for those parents who wish it.

This is an instructional approach developed out of research in respected institutions and it is being used with success by many families.

Here is our story:

Our son Stefan has spent six years in the OPRF Special Education TEAM program. During that time, he made very little academic progress, particularly in math (money, counting, telling time, simple arithmetic), reading, and verbal expression. We assumed that he wouldn’t and couldn’t make much more progress in these areas.

Last summer, he attended an eight week summer school run by some TEAM parents, using a trained Verbal Behavior ABA teacher, for two hours daily. During that time Stefan learned how to tell time and count money. He gained new enthusiasm for learning and a new pride in himself.

It is as simple as that. This method works for our son. Why in heavens name is the Special Education department fighting tooth and nail to prevent it? Why is serious input from parents treated with such disregard?

Michael and Inah Koss
Oak Park

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