A week before Bob Walsh received an envelope containing $2,000 in cash from an anonymous person repaying him for the merchandise he stole from Logos Bookstore years ago, a similar card arrived on Rev. Daniel Whiteside’s desk at St. Catherine of Siena/St. Lucy church.

The card contained $150 and read: “This is in lieu of church collection envelopes I found on the church floor and spent on candy.” The person signed her name and said she had attended St. Catherine of Siena in the 1940s. She has since moved away to Colorado.

Maybe there’s something in the air that caused these two former Oak Park residents’ penitent states, but whatever prompted their confessions to come around the same time, they now have clearer consciences.

What’s so remarkable about the repayment to the church, was the fact that the money had been stolen so long ago.

“She had been living with this for 60 years,” said Whiteside. “It’s just a nice thing that happened.”

Whiteside said that to his knowledge, the church has never experienced similar problems with theft in the past. He said the money will be put back into the collection and used for church expenses.

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